Our electronic books are digital versions of our guides, and are available in three formats: ePUB, mobi, and PDF.


We offer electronic versions of our popular pocket-sized legal books and full-sized handbooks. These eBooks are available in three formats: ePUB, .mobi, and PDF.
Our ePUB format can be read on any computer and most handheld devices using the appropriate reading device -- including iPhone, iPad, and Android, plus Windows and Mac computer operating systems.
Mobi format is compatible with Kindle and Nook e-reading devices, along with some readers for Windows or Mac computers. PDF format is best suited for desktop or laptop computers rather than handheld devices. PDFs do not readily support text reflow which make the format more difficult to use on a small screen device such as a smart phone.


For answers to frequently asked questions regarding electronic books, please visit our eBook FAQs page.


Digital versions of our guides are available by email, and a backup CD may also be purchased.


Note: Once purchased, books must be downloaded within 24 hours. If you experience problems related to this, please email sales@pocketpressinc.com.



There are several free ePUB and Mobi readers for almost all devices. Some of the more useful and popular ebook readers are:


Reader name
Download from
ePub PC, Mac Adobe Digital Editions Adobe Digital Editions
ePub iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Bluefire Download from the app store for iPhone or iPad, or the Android Marketplace
ePub iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch iBooks Download from the app store for iPhone or iPad
ePub Android Moon+ Reader Download from the Android Marketplace
ePub Sony Digital Readers Sony Reader Sony reader
ePub iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Stanza (iOS 5 or earlier) Reader for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
ePub PC Calibre Calibre ebook management for Windows, OS X, Linux
Mobi Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Android Kindle reader Kindle for iPhone, iPad, Android,Windows, Mac, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7

Multiple-Book Pricing for Law Enforcement Agencies
Some law enforcement agencies use our comprehensive eBooks in their patrol car computers, or on their in-office department computers. If you are considering Pocket Press’s books for your agency, please see the following table, which outlines pricing information for multiple-unit purchases for all of Pocket Press’s 2012 electronic editions.

# of Users


Discount %

From To
1 24
25 49
50 99
100 249
250 499
500 999

The number of users is based on the maximum number of people who could be using the software at any given time. For example, with a department of 100 officers, where the maximum number of officers working at any time is 30, the pricing would be $7.64 for each eBook copy. In a Prosecutor's office, where 100 attorneys and paralegals would be using the software at any given time, the pricing would be $6.74 per copy.

Customer Comments

Our best advertising is our customers.

"I immediately liked the small, convienent size and quick-locating index. Plus, there was a large increase in the Hispanic population in our area after Hurricane Katrina, and I need a simple and easy tool to help me communicate and stay the professional that I am. [Our Criminal Law guides have a 'Spanish for Street Officers' section. This helpful reference has sample dialogues for typical traffic and subject stops as well as commands for use when dealing with high risk incidents]."

—Street officer

"My department is going to buy them for everyone, but I want them as quickly as possible, I want 2 of each [criminal & traffic] as soon as you get them in."

—Street officer, California

"I used your books in Tennessee for years, and have moved to California. Your books are so much better than the other options. Thanks."

—Street officer, California

"I am a police officer in Wisconsin, and this is the third year in a row I have ordered the criminal codes for my state. This year I ordered the Traffic Codes as well. I am also a field training officer, and find these books a great resource for trainees. I try to provide the new officer one when they complete their training program."

—FTO, Wisconsin

"The books are great and I use them while out on the street, but I love the PDA/electronic version. I always get asked questions when I am off duty and now I can show people what the law is."

—Street officer, Colorado

"In 13 years on the street I never had an easier time locating the information I needed "

—Street officer

"A ride along had one of your books and almost did not come back alive as everyone wanted to take it from him "

—Street officer

"I couldn't do my job without it."

—Street officer

"I was at a homicide scene and saw our District Attorney pull your book out of his pocket to look up what charges applied."

—State trooper

"It is easy to find what I want in your index."

—Municipal court judge

"I use these books every night."

—Street officer

"Your books are a great resource for current and future Police officers"

—Police cadet

"Your books they use, the big book they just throw in the back of the car"

—Shift Sergeant

"Have used your book for over a year now, and found it to be one of the most used and valuable time saving resources I have in my duty bag. Thanks"

—Street officer, Ohio

"Thank you for publishing a great book for police officers. My fellow officers saw the books and they all want me to order them one. Once again, thank you from all of us in the Newark Police Department, NJ"

—Street officer